Onyx Eggs

Well, over the past 10 hours of farming Onyx eggs from revered to exalted I managed to pick up about a total of 25 – 27 eggs! I have finally gotten my Cloud Serpent! Hurrah!! Now for the questions I’ve been asked and am ready to explain!

  1. What is the respawn timer on these eggs? All the eggs are counted into separate timers, if you try to camp a single 1 you will find yourself waiting possibly hours. The idea in farming these are to camp multiple ones at once (my favorite spot was the southern peak – connected to the isle of course – You can tell from my picture xD). These timers can range anywhere between 1 minute to 1 hour.
  2. Where do these eggs spawn? I will post a picture down below to show you my personal finding spots of eggs, I only came across 1 on the ground so I’ll post that picture separately. Most of the eggs spawn on the peaks – Always  attached to the Windward Isle.
  3. Is there an addon that can help me find eggs and what does an Onyx egg look like? Why yes there is! I personally didn’t use this addon so I’m not sure how it work’s but it is called TomTom, the macro’s for this addon to find the eggs, along with pictures of what the Onyx Egg looks like can be found here.

Now my question to you all, which is you’re favorite Cloud Serpent out of the 3 you can (currently) obtain? 🙂

Pictures: Jade  // Golden // Azure


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